It all started when…

It all started when…

Obsessive by nature I came to knitting young, then stopped…for nearly 30 years!

From the first checkerboard scarf I knit in cotton at the age of 10 to December of 2010 I could only knit blocks – squares, rectangles…longer rectangles.

I always wished I could knit my own sweaters but back in the day – before the wealth of knowledge so easily accessible now on google – it just didn’t seem possible. Part of it was lack of information and part lack of patience. The idea of sitting still and sticking with one project long enough seemed…well…impossible for hyperactive younger me!

Last year I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and finally understood why I had been feeling so tired, short of breath and, frankly, crappy for the last few years. The docs started me on cortisone which gave me a number of charming side effects – most relevant here is the insomnia.

After weeks of waking in the night and not having the energy to move around much I decided I needed something which would allow me to get on with my ‘projects’ (I am an artist, so have always made something or other fairly constantly), but that I could do quietly.

Due to the big S I was no longer able to cycle commute and spent the 2 hours previously spent on my beloved bike in the heinous tube. Sweating and avoiding eye contact with the rest of London.

It was grotesque. Soul-sucking. Postal incident making.

The reintroduction to knitting was a necessity before blood was inadvertently shed.

It started with a felted coaster and with that one little, misshapen square, started off a shitstorm!

I quickly went on to Rikke:

which had shaping and was an absolute revelation.

I could make shaped things! A monster was born.

I have barely put down the needles since then, knitting on the tube, train, in front of the television, in the stairwell at work (!)… and have bored everyone around me silly with my exclamations of delight with how short rows work and how clever raglan sleeves are, and how do people come UP WITH THIS AMAZING SHIT, etc.

Only other knitters can understand how unbearably exciting it all is!

Just like the title of the blog (often seen in knitting instructions).

For those of you who aren’t in the ‘in circle’, it is a well known fact among knitters that purl-ing just isn’t nearly as fun as knit-ing as far as stitches go. Given the chance to knit or purl, most people will knit.

That said, I really love the nubbly look of the purl side! It is similar to garter stitch in feel, which I LOVE.

So not always the most popular, or most pleasurable, but gorgeous in its own right.

From the purl side.


2 thoughts on “It all started when…

  1. You write really well. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, but great job finding the positivity in your life. I am only just discovering knitting myself. Exciting times!

    • Thanks Jo. I do enjoy it…maybe a bit too much, as I blather on! Knitting is good fun. It is really nice to have like minded souls like yourself around to share with. Only one of my friends is currently a knitter, and she is in Canada, so I don’t have many people to chat knit with. Hopefully this blog will help me to get it all out!!! hah.

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