Project Parade – vol.1

Project Parade – vol.1

I am starting a regular post of the favourite patterns I have recently added to my Ravelry projects queue. I have realised lately how much I rely on blessed Ravelry for all my knitting needs (God I love that site!!). But – then I start thinking, what if – and this is just the dark side of me talking, I know, so don’t get panicked…

But what IF something happened and all my ‘favourites’ and ‘queued projects’ DISAPPEARED?

GASP!! Quel horreur! 😉

Ok. I know it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but It would take hours and possibly days worth of time to find them all again. Therefore, welcome to …the Project Parade! My virtual backup.

Thing is, start at the beginning, or at the end? Hmm.

Well, I figure I will start with the most recent to my queue:

Sporty Striped Peds – by Whitney at Purl Soho

 – from the fantastic Purl Bee, another site I love with some gorgeous FREE patterns (how much better can it get???). These might be my second pair of socks. They are sooo cute!

Xia (summer)
by Kessa Tay Anlin
This top is almost identical to a vintage pattern I saw in a book somewhere…but still cute.

White rabbit wrist-ees – by Tiny Owl Knits

She has the sweetest little version that I might attempt when I can read charts for image patterns:

Ruby tuesday
 – by Ewa Durasiewicz

This one has huge scope for modifications – check out the projects!

There is a start on them! Hope you enjoy them.


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