Hoot Suite

Here is my new project:

owls – by Kate Davies
version above by serafinapekkala.

This cute sweater is, understandably, a huge Ravelry favourite. There was quite a controversy recently about the copyright on this pattern, when large UK retailer Debenhams ‘Red Herring’ line produced a suspiciously similar design for their fall jumpers. Though they wouldn’t admit liability in the end, they did agree to a £5000 goodwill donation to a charity of Kate’s choice! Chancers.

You can read more about the pattern on her blog.

I have just started the pattern and am planning to do this as a short sleeve cardi in sport weight cotton/linen for late summer/early autumn wear.

It will be my first time doing cables, so wish me luck! I have already spent ages of prep time for this project, as I dyed the wool myself  and am doing it in a much lighter yarn, so have to fuddle my way through conversions. Learning tons, though, which is always good!


2 thoughts on “Hoot Suite

  1. Sounds like quite a challenge! Especially sizing with a different weight of wool. Cables like most things, are easy once you learn how 🙂

    • I am so glad you said that…I have been bricking it a bit at the sound of cables! But surely you are right. How hard could it be? (HAH! how many times have I said that and regretted it?).

      My biggest challenge at the moment is how to weave in ends invisibly. My attempts are so glaringly obvious. Have just tried weaving in as I knit, which is a fantastic idea and might work with more springy yarn…but not with a rigid cotton linen. Grrr.

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