Project Parade – vol.2

Some of this week’s additions to the project parade and my ravelry:

I desperately want to do this gorgeous next one, a pattern called Acorns by Carol Sunday:

But fear I will have to wait until I can concentrate longer than one repeat for a pattern!

Lovely yellow version above by trophywife81

Likewise for this one below, Corazon – by Julia Trice

Another pretty pattern by the designer of the Nyame pattern I posted last week!
Think this one would work well as a heavier winter sweater or cardi as well. But again, will have to wait on this until I am more confident with lace.

I am trying to find a lacey/sheer top pattern to use with some glorious Habu N80 that I just got for my birthday. Thinking this Mohair minimalist top by Anna Kuduja might be a start, though I don’t have that much yardage.

version above by oryo

So many patterns. So little time.

4 thoughts on “Project Parade – vol.2

  1. Corazon is lovely- reminds me of Peabody. I believe you can make it even if you’re new to lace- just put lifelines in if you’re scared (they are my crutch right now!).

    • Heh. Funny. I just added Peabody to the favourites yesterday! So pretty. I just know my capacity for paying attention right now isn’t the greatest…blaming it on the meds! I will give it a go in a few months when I am off of them.

      I think I also might be a bit more confident after my owl sweater. Charts scare me.

      Hoping to start the cables tonight after a trip to the LYS to pick up a cable needle…and the new edition of Knitscene! Have you seen the wolf shawl and owl sweater patterns in the new magazine? MUST have.

      Will be blogging them next!

      Good call on the lifeline. will put one in on the owls…

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