Project Parade – vol. 3

Have you seen the knew Knitscene magazine yet? I am loving the patterns in this one! I don’t usually buy knitting mags, but this one is a keeper.

Check out these patterns:

Not sure if this is a fox or a wolf, but MUST do this one soon.

How cute is that?? I might do some darker tips on the ends, like little fox tails! FAB.

Then this one, the Nocturnal Pullover by Cassie Castillo

It may need a few mods – maybe shorter with a slight blouson and wide ribbing band? Or more fitted. But that owl chart…Yum.

This one might help me to get my chart/pattern confidence up:

And I know I need to lay off cardigans, but I wear them nearly evey day…They are just so versatile.

Look at the texture below! The Terra Linda Cardigan by Rosemary

And I already have the perfect buttons…made by…ME, in a ceramic frenzy this spring!

Moving into chillier days…this little cloche looks like it would be easy on the hat head.

These are just a fraction of the patterns in the magazine. Normally I like one pattern in the lot, but this time there are 18 out of the 20 that I would actually make. Hardly a gnomey pattern in the bunch – these are all on trend and cute as a button!

Talk about value for money at £6.50.

Now I just have to figure out how to use up some of my stash making some of these, as I have small amounts of stuff, but not enough for a full garment. Many of these patterns are heavier wool – worsted or aran, whereas my stash is on the lighter side.

(I have cut myself off from buying more yarn until I use up more stashage. I have this fear of stockpiling huge amounts of yarn  and never using it, like some of the monster collections I have seen on Ravelry. At the moment I have one small box full, but this is growing exponentially!)

I can’t wait to see the modifications people do on these once the Raveler’s get at them!


2 thoughts on “Project Parade – vol. 3

  1. Good on you for trying to “stash bust”. I only buy yarn for specific projects, but even then, with a list of projects a mile long it’s still easy to accumulate a wee stash!
    These patterns are pretty cute!

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