Owls, Owls Always With the Owls

After finishing my first big yarn dyeing experiment, I have been steadily working on my Owls cardi since the Olympics started and can finally see the finish line.

(Do you like my Olympic analogy? That is as sporty as I get!).

Below are images of me trying on the cardi in progress to make sure my calculations for the decreases were ok…please excuse the pyjamas!

And again, wearing a proper bra for this one!

I tried it on many, many times and fretted the whole way!

Due to the fact I was doing this in a much thinner yarn than the pattern asks for, I had to make some very uninformed (read: random) decisions on how many decreases I would need and how to sort out the owl pattern.

As you can see in the second shot above, my math, incredibly, worked out ok, and I managed to get the back decreases right on the first try!


However my luck ran out there and counting went awry on the more complex part of the pattern…more on that in a following post.

For anyone who is interested, I used sport weight yarn, 3mm needles for the hems and 4mm for the body. I ended up following the largest size or next one down for most of the pattern, though the decreases were mostly done by calculation:
ie. how many inches I needed to drop to the waist from my hips, and the corresponding number of stitches I would have to decrease according to my swatch. My gauge was 5sts=1 inch.

I added 2 stitches on either side of the owls before the button band and did 8 sts of seed stitch for the borders.

More details to come.

2 thoughts on “Owls, Owls Always With the Owls

  1. I always have feared changing yarn weights, but I guess it’s no different to working with the right weight of yarn and different gauge. I’ve done that before so maybe it’s not so bad!
    I’m glad your calculations worked out! 🙂

    • Yeah, it is just an extension of the same…if the pattern has a stitch count that is similar to what you need in the larger sizes (being small we are lucky!). It can get a little dodgy with the decreases and armholes, though, I have learned. And if you start modifying patterns…gulp. Well, then it gets TERRIFYING! heh.

      Getting better, though. Getting more confidence and ballsy enough to do crazy stuff, like the arm splicing I mentioned. Must get that posted!

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