Project Parade – vol. 4

I have decided that, while I need to continue to work on depleting my stash (and stop being so yarn-greedy!), I also need a thick wool jacket/cardi for autumn. Ahem.

(This is how the downward slope of an entire room filled with wool begins, isn’t it?)

I used to have a  heathered green, fitted wool mandarin collared jacket that I picked up at a charity shop and LOVED in my twenties, and want to go for a similar style in a sturdy green yarn.

These are the two top runners on my queue:
The bobble-y cable Forecast by Stefanie Japel:

…and the Flogs Jacket by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

I am leaning towards the latter for my jacket, as it is in bulky wool and maybe more suitable for outdoor wear, though I have seen some lovely, paired down versions of the Forecast which are less fussy and would be nice.

Struggling a bit to pick the wool, though. Have been at it for weeks. I want something sturdy enough to hold it’s shape and be a proper ‘jacket’ but not overly itchy. I don’t want to be able to feel pokies through my clothes!

In my search for yarn I have ended up purchasing some Cascade Eco+, which I was pretty certain wouldn’t be firm enough for what I had in mind with Flogs…and was right.

As a result I have entered the land of textured cables with the rather simple, in the end, Aidez.

I am doing it in the same colour as below – Shire! (what a perfect name):

[image from Conundrum on Ravelry]

I am pleasantly surprised by the yarn. It is much softer and squishier than I thought it would be. I can just barely wear it against skin, and think it will be soft enough not to have any itchies.

The only downside is that doing all these cables in such thick yarn is KILING my hands. I stopped altogether for a day and have had to start icing and trading off between this project and my newly cast on Imogen Wool to try and keep them functioning. I really should stop altogether for a week, but think it might….just…kill me…. heh.

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