Immie – In the Pink

I have started a number of new projects as autumn is flying in here and I need to get some warmth knit up, pronto! Along with the Aidez I mentioned in my last post, I have gone up another level in complexity and have started Imogen Wool by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

It is gorgeous and I have been eyeing it’s shortsleeved predecessor for months, but didn’t dare try it, as my chart reading skills are still pretty basic.

After my successes with the Aidez cables, though, and as I need to continue to trade off knitting projects to give my wrists a break from the thick Cascade Eco+, I figured I would give it a try.

What did I have to lose?

I chose the pink cashmere I had frogged from a sweater I never wore as it was too hot (thick ply cashmere with a doubled cowl neck??? Really? Whoever designed it must live in the Arctic):

I got a couple days in before I realised it would be much too large on the 4mm needles I was using, so frogged and started again on 3.5mm and went down a size.

It made the yarn really tight, but I didn’t want to start dealing with mathematical mods again on this one – giving myself a break, supposedly – and was already at the bottom of the sizing for the pattern.

The only thing is…the fabric started to curl. The faded out image below shows it after my first, gentle attempt at steaming straight:

Still curled right after the garter band. Gulp.

I panicked and went to the Ravely Forums for help. Those forums are AMAZING. Within minutes I had opinions from people all over the world! Ok, so some of it was conflicting, but it was so nice to have the support and suggestions.

I got some great links to info on hems and solutions from TECHknitting.

In desperation I decided to have another go at steaming it before frogging my days of agonising work and showed it no mercy! I steamed the bejesus out of it and it worked!

You can see how the new, unsteamed part, on the needles on the right hand side is still curling but the hem is now sitting flat. PHEW.

Brickage averted.

Here is the lace, thus far. I am SO proud!

Only now, I am not so sure I will have enough yarn for sleeves…


4 thoughts on “Immie – In the Pink

  1. The lace looks beautiful!
    About curling, my recent Francis Revisited still tries to curl under at the bottom even though it has a pretty substantial moss stitch edging. I just put up with it. Maybe I should steam the heck out of it too!

    • Thanks Jo! It has been a challenge, but I have it now, and think I will be more confident with laces in future due to this.

      Definitely read the stuff on TECHknitter’s blog on steaming. I decided to go mental before I was sent the link, and it is quite reassuring in its detail. You can go quite a lot farther than I assumed with steaming! I thought I was doing something BAD. Again.

      In the end I steamed mine from the purl side (heh), on the back of the curl. I didn’t touch the yarn but billowed steam at it until it was almost too hot to touch and then pulled it every which way to loosen up the weave. I particularly focused on the garter and stretching that out just in case it was pulling in at all at the bottom.

      Good luck!

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