Aidez (moi…no really)!

I am still noodling away on the projects and have just about reached the end of the Aidez pattern.

Here is my darling:

Earlier in the week on the left and today on the right! Yay! Nearly there.

However, now that I have tried it on I am thinking of adding a collar and front bands to make it a bit more winter friendly. I am doing this for 2 reasons, one is so that it will close (even though the pattern, as written, has it open at the front), the other is because I just don’t like the look of the front edge as is:

It is all wibbly/wobbly and feels unfinished to me.

Having watched a interview with Cirilia Rose (what an amazing name!), the designer, I now understand why – the pattern was never finished the way she had planned it as she ran out of time for a print deadline! That makes total sense.

It was funny listening her tell the story and describe the cardigan the way she’d meant it to look… and it was pretty much as I was envisioning it in my head and trying to figure out how to modify!

I want to add thick bands along the front and a floppy fold over collar that can be buttoned up or left flopped open. Only now I have to figure out how to knit this!

Should be interesting.


4 thoughts on “Aidez (moi…no really)!

  1. Oh wow, you are a fast knitter! And it is looking great 🙂
    But that seems such a shame to me that they would publish a pattern unfinished! Come on, a quality product is much more important than a silly deadline!
    Looking forward to seeing your mods 🙂

    • From what I am learning about pattern submissions and designing, I think that is fairly common. I guess if a mag wants your work you need to DELIVER! I think she was quite new to designing for the public at the time (she also messed up the cable pattern on the back, and has put a big disclaimer on the pattern!). Learning curves!

      Amazing that it has become such a popular pattern. She must wish it wasn’t a free one, now!

      I am not particularly fast…just obsessive. Every spare moment is spent knitting. I have even figured out how to read and knit (combining my two favourite things!!!) if the pattern is mostly stockinette! I am a NERD.

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