Smaug-ing Away

So I am nearly there, but as usual am stuck on the button band. To update, I managed my first attempt at an improvised high neck fine with only one major frog session as I had started it much too low and ended up with more of a cowl than a turtle type neck. Who knew? So having learned a lesson I frogged it all out when it was nearly done and added 2 more repeats of the wishbone cable and then started the neck at proper collar height.

Then I started thinking again about the front band. I always get to this point and then get stumped. What size, shape, snaps, zip? How wide do I want the band? Lined?

Urrrgh. It drives me crazy to get this close to finished and then hit the wall!

I wanted a double ended zip for this one, but made a trek to John Lewis and found NADA. What is it about this city??? It is enormous, yet finding anything you need for a project is like pulling teeth!

Giving up on the zipper in a fit of pique, I turned to the new button collection and started plotting.

These were my favourites for the top accent button – pardon the gritty quality of my night time photos!:

I just did some quick and dirty photoshop mock ups to see if an idea would work (Photoshop and Blue-tack I could not live without!), and decided on the squared button.

Here is the mock – Large square wooden button on folded over neckline and contrast overstitching on snaps in mustard yarn to match the inlayed stripe in the button:

Not sure if the snaps will work as it currently has negative ease and would probably gape (which I hate the look of), so will make the bands wider to see if I can do it with the last of the yarn. Think I may have to go back and give the neck another edge on the cast off, as I did a yarn-over cast off and don’t feel it is polished enough.

Any suggestions of what I could do without frogging? I am thinking a crochet edge or picking up stitches and adding a thin line of seed stitch. Ideas anyone?


2 thoughts on “Smaug-ing Away

    • He he he…oh come on now!!! I have seen you sew. You’re still new at knitting, that’s all.

      I ended up doing it last night, anyway. I picked up the nasty cast off and added a few rows of seed stitch then just used a suspended bind off (my go to. It seems to work well for most things if you use a much larger needle). Looks much better. Phew.

      Now the buttons. Gulp.

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