Project Parade – vol. 5

I have been falling behind on my ‘project parade’! So many patterns to post, and so little time.

I have fallen in love with Lisa Mutch‘s glorious Obsidian

and am anxiously waiting for it to be released so I can use my precious Habu N-80 stash:

So elegant, but also slightly edgy. Love her designs. I was all ready to cast on with this one a few weeks back, but didn’t read the listing properly and missed that it was being released in November, so am now doing the knitting equivalent of the pee-pee dance until it comes out!!! Doh.

I am still working on my Immie, but was checking around last night to see what other patterns have used the Frost Flowers chart and found the Panna Frost Flower Lace Shawl by Foldi knit, a free pattern!

So pretty, isn’t it? I am thinking of doing it for my mom for xmas, though maybe just 3 repeats of the pattern, as it might kill me! I have the perfect Colourmart cashmere/merino left over from my stripe study. The only problem is I can figure out the yo’s from the wrong side with the Frost Flowers! I tried to add short rows to my Immie, but just get a crossed stitch mess, so am doing something wrong.  This one may have to work until I understand lace better.

These next wrist warmers are going to be my first colourwork project.

Cutie patooties!

6 thoughts on “Project Parade – vol. 5

    • I know. I am getting a serious case of startitis. I started 2 new projects this weekend (one of them is my own pattern for a vest! Very exciting!). Must be the season with autumn rolling in…

      It isn’t metallic, actually. Though it is very shimmery. It is the most amazingly weird yarn. It is a thin strand of semi solid merino in shades of grey with a little taupe woven in and then it has a strand of silk wrapped around it which moves around.

      I have made a couple of small swatches with it and it creates this really cool, drape-y but not typically silky fabric. It is actually more rigid than I expected as the silk acts as a bit of a girdle. The silk also slides around and pools in some spots creating nubs. It is bizarrely cool.

      I can’t wait to use it!!

  1. LOVE those wristwarmers. Might have to do those as well. I’ve been neglecting my knitting but with down time soon, will finally have time to pick up those needles. Also, your mama will love that scarf. 😉 xo

    • I hope they are going to be an easy first colourwork project. I already know I have troubles with switching yarns in the round, so it should be… interesting!! Maybe I will develop some new cuss words.

      Get knitting, girl! I want a ‘knitting buddy’! (Was J into his ‘buddy’ stage when we visited? Will explain later, if not. heh).xxx

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