Immie – Updated

My Imogen Wool is coming along slowly but nicely.

I have been trying to take pictures of my progress regularly to spur myself along.

It is always so much more satisfying to see the images together and see how far you have come! Nearly there.

The image on the right is from yesterday, just before I cast on stitches for the sleeves. I am planning on doing the full body before picking up the sleeve stitches and knitting down until I run out of yarn. It just seems less stressful that way. It is looking fairly good, though, and will surely have enough for at least 3/4 length sleeves if not longer.

Very relieved.


2 thoughts on “Immie – Updated

  1. The lace on this pattern looks truly amazing!! Eye popping stuff! And such a gorgeous colour. One of my favourites. I want another light pink project for myself 🙂

    • Honestly, that lace pattern is amazing. I can’t get over how fascinating it is to watch it form! You should try it…it isn’t that hard after the first repeat and you start to understand what the rows below should be doing. That said, it is also somewhat forgiving of mistakes. I ssk’d instead of k2tog on a whole 2 repeats in one section before realising!!I then switched and it is hardly noticeable. (thank GOD!).

      On the subject of pink…Colourmart frequently has some gorgeous antique pinks, and they are really reasonable in cost. Wonder what the shipping is to NZ for you?

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