Gnomey Knitting

Those who know me know that I have pretty strong opinions about things.
(Ok. You can stop smirking now. You know who you are.)

Naturally this holds true for knitting as well! There are certain things I see when trawling the internet knitting world (well, the real world, as well) which make me cringe.

I like to refer to many of these faux pas as gnomey (when not using much stronger language and trying to be polite) – as in gnome on the front lawn cheesy, not in over the top kitsch that is almost cool cheesy.  What I am referring to here gives you the inward wince and ‘what was she/he thinking’ goes through your mind.

I feel that knitting gets a pretty bad rap as it is, being  looked down on as ‘women’s work’ and ‘craft’ in the most negative connotations of the words, and that perpetuating bad design in knit wear just adds to the devaluing of the art. And yes, call me pretentious, but I do see it as being as artistic as many of the other disciplines I have worked in over the last 20+ years a a professional artist.

(Yes, yes, we could get into the good-old debate of ‘what is art’ but I will reserve that for a wankier blog to take on. Move along if you can’t suck it up!!! heh).

Back to the topic at hand…This new and soon to be re-occuring segment of the blog is going to be devoted to the things I see and find myself WTF-ing. I’m afraid this isn’t going to be particularly PC, so if you find such things disturbing, you may want to forgo the rest of the post and subsequent editions!

So disclaimer read.


Gnomey Knitting 1

There is nothing like outdated shapes to ruin a good knit and give it an automatic £2.99 ‘made in china’ feel. For example:

Bell sleeves.

Guaranteed to give a pattern automatic granny appeal (apologies to all those super hip grannies that I know.).

Why?? We aren’t having a 60s revival. They are probably the least flattering  shape in a knit fabric. They don’t drape and just look clunky and awkward…not to mention hanging in your soup.

Why would you ruin a perfectly good pattern by giving it bell sleeves?

I think there is a deluded idea that bell sleeves are ‘romantic’ or some such garbage. They aren’t.

Please trust me on this one.


4 thoughts on “Gnomey Knitting

  1. Haha, I can tell I’m going to love this segment!! Awesome!! 🙂
    Also dear god, look at her leg!! lol, looks like she’s been attacked by a flesh eating virus. (And yes I know it’s just the old image, lol!)
    I have to agree on bell sleeves. lol.
    I think the worst offender of making things look home-made are gross variegated yarns lol. I hate them!

    • Oh good! I totally agree and thought I was in the minority. There is nothing worse than variegated yarns dyed by those who are new to colour. The clownish combinations of blotching make me retch.

      I do love a semi solid or tone on tone variegated, though…Like Madelinetosh’s Iris. Blue and purple but in the same value, so they almost blend but create shimmers in stitch patterns. Gorgeous.

      I have some AWESOME images for this segment. You just wait!


      • High five on the clownish variegated yarns. I really hate when people use them on a beautiful lace or cable pattern- it completely drowns out the lovely pattern of the knit. What a waste!

        But yeah, as long as they are nice and subtle and harmonious they can be very nice. 🙂

        • This is going to sound really high-horsed, but I just feel sorry for them. All that work and you can’t even see it. It is just so…clueless. (wonder if most people read comments on blogs, but I should be able to be honest on my own blog, no?) Heh.

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