A Long Expected Party

I finished my Aidez, aka Smaug, sometime last weekend and have been waiting for a sunny day to take pictures. Bless yesterday for supplying the perfect autumn day – the sunshine was gorgeous!

I am going to go into quite a lot of detail on this, as I want to keep notes for next time, so please bear with me if you are not interested in specifics!

I knit this in the round as I HATE seaming, so cast on 159sts in the body on 6mm needles for the size 40, which was still a bit snug without the button bands (I normally take a 34-36).

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t like the unfinished front edges of the cardi as they wobbled and rolled, so I added button bands. I also added a collar for warmer outdoor wearing:

This was my first time doing a turtle-type neck, so I just winged it. I knit just short of 19 repeats of the seed wishbone cable, continuing the raglan decrease, which brought the neckline to where I figured it should be for a turtleneck. Then I switched to 3 x 2 rib and knit until the cowl was long enough to turn over nicely – it reaches to just below my eyes when held up straight.

Note for next time – put the 3 stitch rib on the underside of the neck, so that it shows when the cardi is open, as that is how I mostly wear it.

I picked up stitches along the front on 5mm needles, trying to skip one stitch for every 3 picked up and then knit fat button bands in seed stitch to get a little extra width for crossing over with a belt. Used big snaps on this and overstitched in the mustard  crosses, as planned.

Again for future note – if using smaller needles, don’t skip stitches, just pick up every row. As you can see in the photo above the seed stitch stretches slightly too much where it meets the cardi (just noticed that now in the photo!).

I am still not convinced the wooden button works. It just sits there and doesn’t really add anything to the design. I think I will be taking that off and replacing with crosses on the underside when I get around to it…and also need to move the snaps over as they need to be closer to the edge in these wide bands to hold properly.

Another mod was the back of the cardi. I changed the intended lattice, which I felt didn’t go with the rest of the cables on the cardi (and frankly didn’t really like the look of). The intended cable is shown on the left on Cirilia below. I just repeated the seed wishbone pattern, which I quite like:

This also made it easier for me to keep track of the stitch patterns, as it was my first all over cable pattern and I was a bit apprehensive of all those charts! The hardest part was continuing the cables into the raglan decrease. What a bitch the first time around. There were a few glitches…if you can’t see them, I am not going to point them out. heh.

I actually made the sleeves longer so they would be a bit shlumpy like in the photo at right, but they have shrunk a bit with wearing as the arms have stretched to fit layers underneath. I cast on 36 sts for the sleeves at the wrist, knit 16 repeats of the seed wishbone and ended with 44 sts. In hindsight I should have increased earlier and next time I will start increasing after 2 repeats, knit 17 repeats and end at 52sts before joining to body.

They were a little tight  in the end, like all the other knitters of this pattern mentioned, even though I added extra increases.

I have been wearing the cardigan pretty well non-stop, as the weather had chilled right down already in London, and the Cascade Eco+ is not wearing well. I have shaved it twice already as it pills like a BASTARD:

Massive dragon-balls size pilling. Not impressed as it also just fuzzes out all those hard-worked cables. Don’t think I will be using Cascade again.

That said, I am really, really damn proud of this one.

Time to have a long-expected party to rejoice.


4 thoughts on “A Long Expected Party

  1. Omg this looks sooo good! I’m really impressed by your mods too- they worked perfectly!
    Ugh I hate pilling though! I need to buy one of those stupid shaver thingys….

    • I love mine….it is quite satisfying making stuff look new again. That said, I DESPISE pilling and strive to only use yarns that pill only a little.

      Cascade is pretty brutal. I don’t know what all those reviews were talking about when they said it hardly pilled. What do they consider really pilling then???? Hmmph.


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