Gnomey Knitting

Would you wear this?

No, you wouldn’t. Because  you  aren’t a labrador retriever, a pirate …or a knob.

Then why knit one?

I think  a really important thing to remember in knitting is the sentence:

just because you can – doesn’t mean you should.

Here is a prime example of a knitted kerchief from back in the day:

Plopped on and with as much elan as a placemat tied around the head.

You may notice that I am using vintage images for these posts. I am trying to avoid using actual images of people’s projects as I don’t mean to diss individuals…no matter how much they might deserve it.

Admittedly, seeing the items in these old photos makes them look marginally less ridiculous than in ‘real life’.

Google knitted kerchiefs and you’ll see what I mean.


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