Project Parade – vol. 6

It has been AGES since I have done one of these! And this is not because I haven stopped adding projects to the queue – I have just fallen behind.

Here are some of the latest ones:
Lillian Top by Kari-Helene Rane – this one is great, as it is convertible and can be worn a number of ways

The yarn suggested is 100% alpaca, though, which I wouldn’t recommend as the ribbing needs a bit of bounce for elasticity which alpaca just doesn’t have. Think if you picked an alpaca/wool or silk/wool you would get the right combo of drape and elasticity.

The Artemisia Sweater by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark below is being offered as a workshop package on Crafty, which includes the yarn and step by step video instruction on how to knit the jumper. Think this is perfect for someone who has reached the level of wanting to do a more advanced (but still simple) garment, but wants tutorial back-up. A great idea Mercedes!

I desperately need new wool socks, so these pretty babies are on my to-do list – Pomatomus by Cookie A. These are also FREE!

Lastly, a simple, pretty, shawl-ish scarf (or so I am insisting on thinking of it) – bowland by Amanda France



2 thoughts on “Project Parade – vol. 6

  1. Oooh that shawl! Lots of pretty stuff.. I have already looked into the artemisia sweater course but decided against it. Too many projects planned already anyway 🙂

    • A great, simple idea, isn’t it? You could use any lace panel in the centre with garter sides -so easy! I know what you mean about too many projects, tho. Obsidian has been released and I am telling myself I need to get further on my aran cardigan before starting ANOTHER project. Have 2 more on the go as well! Eeek. AND I need socks….and to start on xmas projects….so little time and so much to knit! ;-D

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