The eagle has landed

I have finally done it. Tipped the edge into designing my own THINGS from scratch.

Ok, I have started with one of the easiest things -scarves. BUT these puppies are fairly complex, one is convertible and reversible, and get this…I actually modified a stitch pattern significantly to create something completely and utterly new! How exciting is that?

I am thrilled.

(Yes, actually,  I AM a nerd, thank you. I have watched/read more than my fair share of fantasy/sci-fi and get really engrossed in technical details that make others snore. Thing is, if you are reading this blog, you likely are too. Heh. So there.) 😉

The great thing is – the whole idea came about from an ill considered stitch count in a previous swatch and a call for submissions. Chance and impetus. It is so satisfying when things just come together like that…it has been much too long on the creativity front!

Sneak peek of the results from my 12+ hour swatch-a-thon. Frogging, knitting and repeat (did I mention the fact that I get a little obsessive when the iron’s hot?):

I am not going to jinx it by giving more details of the project, but fingers crossed that one of the 3 (yes, 3 designs in as many days! I was ON FIRE!) submissions gets in.


4 thoughts on “The eagle has landed

    • Me too! hah! I won’t be able to start for a while. Have a bunch of xmas knitting to get on PRONTO! I just realised the date and that I need to get things sent to Canada in a few weeks. EEK! Xmas. Pah.

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