Still carefully trucking along with my Toasty, which I posted on the other day but had not yet named.

I am working on this one slowly as I am going free fall and completely making shit up as I go along! It is a little scary not following a pattern, but I think I can handle it now. Famous last words!!! 😉

This is the cable I have chosen. I realised that by placing them side by side with only 1 purl row between, it creates a honeycomb like pattern, which I really like.

The stitch is very simple and quick as you don’t need a cable needle to twist the stitches…which is one of the main reasons I chose it, to be honest! So lazy.

Here is where I have gotten thus far on the body. The arms are ready and waiting.

I was going to add some different cables for more of a busy aran look, but decided I liked the classic simplicity of the stockinette and whatever this cable stitch is called. It really keeps the focus on the thick, lustrous silk merino.

I am nearly out of yarn, so have to figure out how much more I will need and get on ordering pronto!


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