A dark place…

Schnabu is turning into a world of pain.

These little blighters:


…are doing my head in.


5 thoughts on “A dark place…

  1. Oh, maybe it’s time to give it a week off. Usually, I continue to beat my head against the wall until I’m bleeding, but the Bettie Pullover week-long break really made a difference.

    • Maybe I should. I get into these stubborn phases where I am ADAMANT it MUST work. Then drive myself mental.


      You’re right. I will put it aside for a while and work on my neglected cardigan.

      Thanks Kristin. Looking forward to seeing your Bettie!

  2. Hey Linda: FYI, I responded to your latest comment on my blog. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! And I did post some pics of the completed Bettie. THey’re dress form shots, but they show the gist of it. Hope you are feeling well today – and that this crazy sweater isn’t continuing to drive you nuts.

    • Thanks Kristin!

      I have just checked out your Bettie, and am in green-eyed monster land! It is a beauty…but one I will never have…ONE HUNDRED WRAPS?? You are kidding!!! Ouch. And here I am, whinging about my garter stitch project! Hah!

      I won’t be trying out that pattern any time soon. Sigh.

      Thanks for the suggestions on Iyengar. I have put the problem sweater aside for the last week (well. except to block it and decide that yes, I AM going to have to re-do the fecking neck. Grrr). Have been doing some much needed xmas knitting instead!

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