The dark side of the knit

I took time off my Schnabu and turned to my Toasty, only to find that the curse has followed me (and my wallowing in knitting self pity has deepened!).

I was chunking along, about 10 rows away from finishing the raglan decreases on the neck of my cardigan when horror struck – I realised I had miscounted on the pocket cables!! 4 on one side and 5 on the other! I couldn’t believe it.

How could I not have noticed??? One side of the bands at front was a cable thinner. Sigh.

I tried to convince myself I could live with it, but who am I kidding. After administering some swift mental kicks for not really looking at what I was doing, I frogged. This is my largest expanse of frogged item yet, nearly 600 yds, all the way back to the cursed pockets.toast


It is maddening. You could knit a small sweater from the amount of yarn I have just unravelled.

The only upside is the ENORMOUS ball of yarn I have wound while frogging. It is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. It is so large I can barely hold it in one hand!

(you have to look on the bright side!)


4 thoughts on “The dark side of the knit

    • Yeah. I nearly went postal when I realised. But you know what? I am over it(ish) now. It is almost funny. I keep looking at my enormous ball of yarn and smirking. I am such a dork.


      I keep thinking of how laborious your Bettie was and thanking my stars that I made this one relatively easy. I still can’t believe the construction of that sweater! Those little short rows at the bottom would have had me throw in the towel there and then. I am glad to know that IS how you get rid of wavy edges on those kinds of stitches, though. I wondered. (And yes, all this thinking is likely a displacement activity!!! HAH!).

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