THE jumper

For the last while I have been an ardent fan of The Killing…not least for THE jumper!

I just watched the last, carefully hoarded episode a couple nights ago and can’t believe it is over. Oh please Birger, say its not so! (Though I did notice he has a project coming out soon in the UK, it just won’t be the same without Sofie Gråbøl.)

Though I just read an interview with her that makes me feel better about the ending (if you haven’t yet seen the last episode, don’t read the interview!).

Actually, thinking back a year ago when I started my knitting obsession, THE sweater may have been one of the top reasons I started to knit! I want one. I still haven’t tried colourwork, but the second I master it I plan to get my ‘Sarah Lund’ on!

Maybe for next xmas – a red and white one, as I really want a christmas jumper. I like the tradition of it. Something you pull out every year to mark an occasion.

Like the lovely (though slightly scary) couple below, wearing their matching set – dig that pompadour!:

Oh! I just thought of this..maybe I will re-watch The Killing every year, as well! How great a tradition would that be, wearing my Sarah Jumper? No smarmy xmas TV for this household!

Alright, enough of my dark delusions, and back to the christmas punch.

Happy holidays everyone!


2 thoughts on “THE jumper

    • I am surprised it hasn’t made the rounds in Canada yet. It is a Danish drama series…very good if you like things dark!

      Apparently they tried to change her outfit at the beginning of last series, but the actress wouldn’t hear of it. Thank goodness. Everyone kept making a fuss over it as she wears 2 sweaters for the whole series…like a normal person…instead of changing every few seconds while trying to run in stilettos like other shows! So refreshing.

      I need to learn colourwork….haven’t I said that before??? heh.

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