Bagging it in style

I have been meaning to blog on the arrival of this great Fringe Supply Co. bag a couple weeks ago:image

I as mentioned in a previous post, I won this, quite randomly, by being the 1000th commenter on the fantastic Fringe Association blog.

Let me just say how impressed I was with the quality of this when I opened the envelope!

This baby is no limp, flimsy carrier bag. It is made out of quality, hard wearing canvas and also has thick, reinforced webbing straps that keep the weight more evenly distributed on the shoulder instead of digging painfully in.

What a lovely, long lasting, surprise win! I have already used this for a grocery shop, and it is currently storing some of my projects in the lounge …as it looks way too good to keep stored away in a closet!

You can get your own here at the Fringe Supply Co. store, along with other classy but utilitarian knitterly goods.

Thanks again, Karen.


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