Odilon continued

I have finally managed to sort out the short rows and increases for my Odilon and have joined under the arms. I did add an extra inch for this size in the arm circumference and am hoping that will be enough, though it might feel a bit snug (do I have bingo-wings or am I just paranoid??)Pardon the blurry photos. Here is the status quo:



I am really loving how the twisted stitches pop out and the stitch definition with the Rowan Purelife is perfect – nice and crisp (though it looks super wobbly before blocking in these shots, it evens out beautifully with steam).

The one thing I am not really feeling is the collar. I am reserving judgment until the end, but have a feeling it might have to go in favour of a wide round collar. We’ll see.

Looks like the formatting has gone all squirrelly on WordPress again. Does anyone else have this problem…where it won’t even let you fix it in the html no matter what you do? Frustrating.



3 thoughts on “Odilon continued

    • Sleep? SLEEP?? I’ve gots to get my knit on, girl! heh. 😉

      It is moving rather quickly. The twisted stitches are addictive and I can’t put it down. Though I have gotten to the waist with the decreases last night and am questioning whether I really want another fitted jumper. Might be some frogging coming on.

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