Why oh why?

I am just confused. I am telling myself there must be a reason for this, but can’t figure it out. Those of you that are more experienced might be able to answer this for me:

Why would you go from M1 increases and halfway through a pattern change to LL1 increases at the hip increases? (AND not say what they are – but that is just my catty-ness resurfacing with a meow). Does LL1 create a less ‘gappy’ increase or something?

This is something I pinned ages ago from Twist Collective – examples of increase types:

I can’t see much of a diff. Can you?

This project has me continuously confused (more than normal).

Also…I have reached the vague wording for the joining of the chevrons on the sides and subsequent hip increases and am now thinking of frogging again…
I am just not sure I want another form fitting jumper. It isn’t too tight, but I am more into loose/schlumpy things at the moment. Eek! What have I done.

WTF is up with it riding up at the front with that little bulge after all those convoluted short rows? It had better come out with blocking.

No really.


6 thoughts on “Why oh why?

  1. Oh boy. I don’t have any input to give on the increases without seeing the pattern, but I’d say that if you don’t love the neckline now, you’re not going to love it any better later. Same goes for the fit. If this were me, I’d rip.

    • I know. The neckline is going to have to go, isn’t it? Sigh. Luckily, after my dramatic post I went and steam blocked the body and think it is roomy enough after all. Fingers crossed I am not just fooling myself in denial and end up frogging the entire thing a few days from now…

      • Have you tried folding the neck ribbing down to the inside (i.e. folding it in half) and tacking it to make it shorter?

        I don’t think it looks bad though – it’s not like a 1970s faux-Victorian high neck or anything!

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