Knitting as a world of pain

Alright. I need to balls up and just do it.

I have gotten to the hem of my Odilon and have started on the arm and am fooling NO ONE. WTF am I doing? I won’t wear this…it just isn’t me right now.

Here is a photo of version 1.0
Form fitting and cute enough from the front, but thentake1back
What the feck is that lumpy business in my lower back??

Just one more gripe about the pattern before I leave it behind in the dust (since I am sure you all haven’t heard QUITE enough yet). Once you get to the chevrons meeting at the sides you are pretty well on your own. Except for a vague, half sentence on how to join the tip (which doesn’t match the tip on the back. Why? Oh why?), you are left to guess as to what it should look like, how/when to join up the new chevron and how to do the hip increases.  This is what I ended up with after 2 tries and more frogging:
Not bad, but not stellar.

To end things on a positive note, though. Look at those front chevrons!
Just look.
Ahem. Frogging back to the armpit and then knitting this puppy again without decreases. I want a boxy little cardi.

Why don’t I ever listen to that inner voice? (or the outer one either for that matter!). What an arsepain.


4 thoughts on “Knitting as a world of pain

  1. Ooh I hate vague patterns… well done matching up those chevrons. But I second K-Line! Wow, what patience. For what it’s worth I think it looks fabulous 🙂

    • This is my first, which is maybe why I am being so critical? I feel like I can fumble along by myself, but when it comes to PAYING for a pattern it should all be taken care of.

      Just being naive, I guess. ;-?

      I don’t think it looked bad…but I had to be honest – it just wasn’t my style at the moment! Live and learn.

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