Cropping it up

I am trying to distract myself from my Odilon troubles by thinking of my next project – as one does!

These are the two things I keep stopping at over and over on blogs and boards – cropped crew necks…

left to right – Band of Outsiders, Ella Catliff, Visual Optimism

And peachy hues, the more desaturated the better!
Untitled-1 22.56.27
Wrap, Humanoid, Amimono

The first slightly androgynous and the other kind of girly.

Which will win out?

10 thoughts on “Cropping it up

    • Heh…well I WILL, but the point is – in what order?

      I have this thing where I don’t want to have too many things on the go at one time. (you do remember that I have the attention span of a gnat, yes?).
      I worry if I don’t finish something before starting a new project the first one will never get done…just like painting!


      I am thinking it will be the pink one. Wanting to think about spring-y things during the dark days of winter!

  1. Oh, start with the girly! And I feel your knitting pain. I’ve spent 2 days trying to figure out math. I don’t think I’ll ever knit a set in sleeve sweater again. At least until I forget this. I’ve also had to return to the bodice pieces to make length changes. Somehow the front ended up being longer than the back above the armscye. Point is, right now I just want to sew a pair of denim leggings and drink some booze. But it’s back to the knitting in the morn.

    Also, I’ve recently gone from doing one project at a time to 1 knit project and one sewing project at a time, to 3 projects of a variety of types at a time. It’s a slippery slope that I’ve resolved to pull myself back from. Doing one thing at a time keeps you focused.

    • Well, I am swatching for the second as we speak, so falling off the wagon a little. Telling myself it is because i need to decide on the yarn before all the new Isager stock disappears from Loops shelves! (and I am not exaggerating! The stuff was flying out the door when I was there yesterday. EEp.).

      You post on measuring for sleeve depth totally distracted me late last night. I clicked on your link and then got my mind blown by the complexity of it all!! I was going to comment on your blog, but then lost my ability to form words.

      Very impressed with your ability to calculate and fit all these projects! Your suit projects are just turning me into a mouth breather. ;-D

      Drinking booze sounds about right.

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