Bogged down with a hideous virus this week so have spent my time off work watching Heroes and planning ahead. I am trying to decide on the most suitable buttonband for my Odilon V.2 . As it still feel a little snug- even after dropping all the waist shaping- I want a solution that will give me a bit more width than the i-cord band suggested in the pattern.

To keep examples in one place I have started a Pinterest board on buttonbands that I am hoping to continue to add to as I see interesting examples. (all images credited on Pinterest)
button pins

I am pretty fussy when it comes to bands, so this is obviously a curated list!

When it comes to buttonbands I want them  sturdy and NOT gape-y. I have a huge problem with gaping (nothing lets a good cardi down as much as a wobbly,gape-y buttonband). Don’t get me wrong, I will sew on ribbon to stabilise if I have to …but am pretty lazy about sewing bits on and prefer knit processes to stitching. SO FUSSY.

The best I have come across, so far, is the vertical knit on button band that I did recently on my Toasty. The one by one vertical rib (un-stretched) forms a thick, professional looking/feeling band that should last ages.

Thing is, I want to try something new with this cardi.

Can anyone think of any solid ones I have missed? (I am not much of a picot person, so have purposefully left frilly ones out!)


8 thoughts on “Buttonbands

  1. I have little experience with button bands. The ones I’ve done that have worked have all been reinforced with ribbon and the buttonholes were sewn in with a machine. I would LOVE to find a band that actually held strong. What with my boobs, it’s a necessity.

    • Yeah, I don’t have that problem…ahem.


      I need to learn to sew buttonholes on a machine. That always looks so vintage with grosgrain.

      Try the vertical with smaller needles. It is really sturdy! I would think if you did vertical holes, as well that should do it?

  2. I don’t have any other types to add, but I looked at your board and I think the Kate Davies K1 P3 would look great with your Odilon, to mimic the lines inside the chevrons.

    • I am kicking myself for not just choosing that pattern to begin with, to be honest!! But yes, it is a toss up between that one and the stockinette edged with icord (though mostly because it is so different from anything I have done yet and I am curious.

      Now that you say it, though…something that mirrors the ribbing on the body would be nice. Hmmm….

  3. I agree, gaping is icky. I didn’t used to notice before I started knitting, but now I’ve been ruined forever. One of the models in my new knitting book has serious gaposis and it really stuck out to me! (I’ll review the book soonish hopefully) 🙂
    I love how serious you are about it all, it shows in your results. I could learn a lot from you and I intend to, lol!

  4. This is a real pet peeve of mine. I’m astonished at how often someone will announce a new sweater pattern and the pics show it all buttoned up, with big ol’ half moons of button band between every button. How can you post that and feel good about it?! So important, and so overlooked.

    I love that you’ve dedicated a board to this — super useful.

    • It is strange isn’t it? Even designers that are really observant of small details in their designs – and come up with the coolest little touches – seem to turn a blind eye to the problem of button bands. Icord button bands. They look great when not buttoned, but on anything with shaping, I just don’t see how they would work WITHOUT major gapage.

      If you wouldn’t buy a sweater that fit that way from a store why would you want to take a month+ to make one?

      This blog is proving to be super normalising for me! It is so nice to hear that others out there feel the same way about little things like this…

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