When is enough enough?

A question I have been asking my self since the weekend is ‘when do you know when to let a project go?’

I am still struggling with my Picard/Odilon and am just not sure it is ever going to be what I want it to be.

I spent ages re-doing the arms as they were way too tight the first time around, and still feel they are a bit too snug. I also took that hideous neck off – finally.

That was something I had been looking forward to. I saw this great technique from the amazing Techknitting and couldn’t wait to give it a try:

Needless to say, my first attempt wasn’t anywhere near as slick and required 2 tries, but I did it. And it was kinda fun.


Thing is…I am just not sure the whole thing is worth any more bother. Wondering if I should just frog the whole thing and start over with Kate Davie’s Deco.

When do you stop and throw in the towel on a pattern? I haven’t given up on anything yet and it kind of runs against the grain, but…


7 thoughts on “When is enough enough?

  1. I say if you’re not loving it you should frog it and do the Deco. It seems like you haven’t loved it all along. Why clutter your closet with a garment you don’t love? The great thing about knitting (as opposed to sewing most of the time) is that you can have a do-over!

    • That is the answer I want to hear, but part of me feels like I can’t give up and HAVE to see it through. Silly isn’t it??

      Though I have a feeling that if I do finish it will be wound up with negative thoughts and I won’t wear it anyway. Hmmph. Dunno.

  2. I’m no help with this one. I finally had to accept that my McCardell Convertible was never going to fit. It’s going to a friend. I couldn’t bring myself to frog 2 months of work. I still feel unhappy about it when I consider it. And then I consider how lucky I am to have made many other things that do work. And put it out of my mind 🙂

  3. Hmm, well at least think of this: All this time you’ve spent considering different aspects of it it isn’t wasted- you are learning more about what you like, as well as more techniques! So in that regard it’s not a waste. I know how it feels to obsess about something. I hate not finishing things.
    Hopefully you figure out what to do… whatever will set your mind more at ease!

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