Knitting is one of those things that messes with time.

You could be knitting for hours late into the night and not even realise the time has flown. Or inversely, you could be frogging and cursing and feeling every single second of whatever you are trying to fix, or technique you hate!

For me it has also had an interesting effect on the instant gratification that shopping used to bring. Instead of just clicking a button or going to a shop to pick up a new jumper, I now spend ages planning and creating a new garment…fiddling and fussing until it is ‘just right’. (Or at least near enough that I can live with it!).

It is also making me think more about upcoming seasons, as I am having to plan ahead. Since it takes me at least a month to make a new sweater I am realising that I need to think forward a bit more than I have been with choosing my knitting projects. (This became clear to me at xmas when I really wished I had had the foresight to knit an xmas jumper, but it was too late! Next year I will start well early.).

So now, in the midst of the UK’s typical new year cold snap, I am thinking ahead to spring and summer and what kind of light knits I should be planning. (And we all know planning is the fun part, don’t we?)

I cast on for my Robin the other day in the thinner than thin 2ply alpaca that had me so terrified and feel like this one is going to really push my new found patience.

I have decided it will be my ‘slow time’ knitting – the project I pick up when I can spend a bit of time calmly chunking away, especially as a huge part of this is stockinette on tiny needles! It is really interesting how differently this project has me knitting. I am quieter, calmer and more contemplative with this on the needles than I have been with any project yet. Having to really pay attention – but not in a complex way- is doing good things to the brain.

Something else I just realised about the colour I chose…it is a slightly desaturated version of the pink produced by Cherry Blossom trees. Check out how close the colours are!
In my old hometown of Vancouver cherry blossoms are one of the first telltale signs that spring has truly arrived, as the trees all over the city burst into bloom and are often seen against a grey sky.

Guess my subconscious was hard at work during the planning of this one, as well!


7 thoughts on “Timelines

    • Ok…that did make me laugh out loud at work.


      I have been trying not to give in to that aspect of knitting. I gave myself a bit of a ‘rule’ a while ago that I would buy undyed yarns whenever possible and dye stuff as I needed…somewhat to try and curb the shopiholica, and to mostly keep costs down. It kind of works.

      That said, my stash is pretty modest, (she says) and I hope to keep it that way. I know it would be WAY to easy for me to get out of hand in that regard, so I generally avoid my LYS, where temptation and impulse live. I also learned my lesson early on about internet yarn shopping, sans fondle. Not a good idea unless you have cast iron skin.

      So overall, I am much better with compulsive shopping than before I started knitting. I think.

  1. I just checked out your stash on Ravelry. With love, I suggest that it is not that modest! 🙂 But it’s really nice. I can’t believe you dye your own yarn. Just the mess would drive me to make everything in “natural”.

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