Scandinavia, here I come!

My first colourwork project has been keeping my head warm for the last windy week and I am so very, truly pleased with it. (though you can’t tell in the photo. Who knew it was so hard to photograph your own head?? Concentrating…..cooooncentrating….)
I am shocked at how much easier the process is than I’d expected. Much like cables, it is just one of those things you DO…and… it works. Fabulous.

Admittedly, some of the floats are a little tight and those little contrast white crosses that I worked so hard to put in – no you can’t see them, because even though I know they are there, I can barely see them!
3 colours is so much more complicated than two strands on the same row, so some of the small white stitches are being sucked into the grey instead of floating at the ‘same height’…but you know what? I still love it!!! (I just might hate those hidden crosses of pain). Shown frighteningly pre-block and puckered above.

Here it is again from the side, trying to hold in my mass of annoyingly sheep-like hair. Baaa.

I even love the lop-sided, imperfect pom-pom that I am STILL schnipping away at in compulsive moments. Bad pom-pom that it is!
Can’t WAIT to start my next colourwork project. Thinking I will do Jared Flood’s Stasis, as it is just so simply perfect…though I might be cautious and take on a smaller mitten project first for more tension practice.

I have enough stashed fingering yarn to start the sweater asap, though…I just need to decide on and dye the contrast colour! Beige with black or navy? Or maybe even bright cadmium? Planning is the best bit!

9 thoughts on “Scandinavia, here I come!

    • Thank you so much everyone! I am so pleased to have started colourwork knitting!! I have had a huge phobia about it since I picked up needles, so this feels like a huge milestone.

      The Stasis sweater is lovely…I am thinking of maybe making it with buttons up the back for a bit of something different. I am a little worried about my tension issues, though, as that pattern doesn’t really have large blocks of colour in the pattern. Afraid I am going to have the same issue with it as those single stitches that have gotten sucked into the background on this hat. Might have to practice a bit more first!!

      I definitely think looser is better than too tight in this case, Kristin.

      Jo – just try it! It is SO much easier than you’d think. Especially as you have experimented with knitting both ways – continental and english. It makes a huge difference.

      • You could probably take care of you tension issues by knitting the solid-colored sections on a smaller (or larger, depending on which way you go) needle. Such simple advice and so easy to forget – I always forget it when it’s my project!

        And are you carrying your floats over more than 3 stitches? Anchoring them in the knitting every 3 stitches will help keep things like the little white crosses from disappearing.

        • Thanks for the tips. I haven’t heard about using a larger needle for one side…wonder if that would work. I think it is the fact that a)it was my first time and b) yes I was trying to do 3 colours on one row – not realising how much harder it would be – and having to carry the floats. The little crosses are one stitch of a colour after about 10 or so of other colours and then that much again before the next one. I was trying to anchor them one or two before the actual stitch to give it something to ‘hang’ from, so to speak, but it still didn’t work.

          Need more practice. And maybe it has something to do with yarn dominance, which I have just been reading about….? Dunno. Will see with the next project, I guess!

  1. OK, that’s fantastic! I love the pompom too. And I’m doing my corrugated rib stranding and it isn’t so hard. But I think my floats are way too loose. Thing is, I’m so afraid to make them tight that I might be overcompensating in the opposite direction. Mind you, the rib has give – which is good.

    I LOVE that sweater too. But I wonder if I’m ready for something like that. Mind you, mitts really don’t do it for me.

  2. Ooooh I love it! Your hat is marvelous. I want to do some colourwork this year! 😀 How did you learn? 🙂
    And that jersey is amazing too. Okay, you’re killing me… I gotta do some colourwork, eeeehhhhh

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