Michelin approved

So very, very close to finishing Odilon. Even after my last bout of despair over it turning out the way I wanted I thought it would be good for me to see it through.

I am glad I did.

I never fail to be amazed at the difference a good blocking makes, both to the fit and feel of a project. blocking
I swear, Rowan Purelife must be one of the most satisfying yarns to block! The process takes the fabric from a somewhat stodgy handle to a more fluid, even, and yes, more SPACIOUS one. Gained a bit more room in the body and shoulders after the vigorous block and am so relieved. It is nicely squared out now, and not body hugging.

The neckline remains a little dodgy. I could have taken it down a bit more at the front, but think a steam/shaping should sort it out when it is ready.
I ended up  doing a 3×1 rib for the buttonband and added an i-cord bind-off with 2.75mm needles for extra stability which gives it a nice edge. I also went back and added a crochet chain to the tops and bottoms of the band to give it a more consistent ‘outline’ appearance and match the i-cord edge.
The ribbon order for the buttonband was a bit of a debacle, though.

I have been waiting nearly two weeks for the pretty East of India cotton ribbon, which has been a huge annoyance with my levels of impatience! The first company I ordered it from were out of stock. It took a bit to find the brown ribbon I was after again, as it seems popular, but I finally reordered it from a company called Frumble. Then the process was made more confusing still as the ribbon colours on the order form don’t match the actual colours of the ribbon in the photo (maybe someone colour blind is typing the text? No. I am being serious.) Sigh.

After some email back and forth I managed to order the brown ribbon I wanted, but after impulsively choosing a second ribbon from the list (the £2.40/roll price is great compared to the £6/roll in a shop down in Soho so I figured I would get two for the shipping cost!) I guessed wrong on the description of the red ribbon (red/grey is down instead of red/linen so picked red/cream. EEESH). *banging head against walAnyway, as you can see below it is fine, just not the linen/red/cream striped one I was after. I will use it for something eventually.

(And the skull fabric? I just couldn’t resist it! I am going to make a needle roll organizer for my interchangeables!)

This is where I am going with the brown ribbon:

AND – I am finally going to use these buttons I made ages ago when I was teaching a ceramics class!
Michelin Man is watching over them until it is all ready to roll!

4 thoughts on “Michelin approved

    • Of course not!! It is a desaturated blue/green!! Not a desaturated green/blue.

      he he he. More of a light peacock. The mint I want now is more yellow… (I am surely not the only nutter obsessed with minute subtleties of colour??? Please? Anyone?)


    • Ahhh you missed that particular meltdown with this pattern. I reached the hem the first time around and decided the whole thing wasn’t working – I didn’t want a form fitting cardi and the chevron join on the sides were clunky. Took it back to the pits and started over! This one has been another slog. But nearly …nearly there. Knock on wood.

      Thanks on the buttons! They were my fav when they came out of the kiln and I have been waiting for the right project.
      A little worried about the buttonhole issue..but have a plan…

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