Buttonhole experiment

I have decided to do something a bit scary…take my Odilon in to a D.M. Buttonholes in Soho on lunch and get the buttonholes finished professionally.

I started cutting the ribbon I stitched last night and it was looking pretty crap, so think this might be the way forward (as they say here). At £4.50 for 1-10 buttonholes per garment it sounds like a steal. The company has ‘been established in the heart of London’s Soho for nearly 100 years.’ That is promising, no? They apparently service a lot of the fashion design colleges and houses.

Here are my options:

I really have no idea which they will recommend but am hopeful as well as quite nervous to be handing my newly finished baby over to strangers.

Fingers crossed this works. If it does I will be very pleased! As mentioned previously, I often have issues with buttonbands and I am hoping this finishing will look slick.

Maybe they do zippers too! Imagine…


5 thoughts on “Buttonhole experiment

    • Well I went by there yesterday and it didn’t work out. POO! I will post when I have a moment on what happened and what WOULD NEED to happen to do this if anyone is interested in this finishing option themselves. I will likely try it out in the future!

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