MY Picard version

It is finished, and I have to say it turned out better than I expected.
Here she is, my Odilon, at long last! Ok. I know it really hasn’t been all that long, a just short of 2 months that you have all been ‘listening’ to me whinge, but when you frog a project as much as I did this one it can last FOREVER mentally.  (Also I got the first bit done so quickly that if there hadn’t been so many annoying problems with the pattern I would have had it done in a month!)

I redid the body without the shaping and am much happier with the fit. It still looks like it comes in at the waist, but it is actually dead square!
This is the batch of Rowan Purelife Organic DK that I ‘tub’ dyed for this project and LOVE the yarn. A slight crunch and actually quite a bit more of a dense strand than I would have thought. The stitch definition is just divine for all those crossed stitches…
…and I love the way I ran the chevron right down into the ribbing on this attempt (if I do say so myself!). That said, I feel the yarn is actually better suited for stitch patterns that aren’t reverse stockinette, as it doesn’t bloom quite enough to give an even fabric in that stitch – see all the little stripes of unevenness in the shot above? (Especially on the sleeve right above the chevron). Likely just me and tension problems, but the stockinette side looks much better:
There are a few other little things that still bother me – the front neck is still a titch high. I should have taken it back a bit lower when I took the fecking high collar off.  And there is a little jog in the raglan where the increases turn to decreases from where I redid the neck. Neither of these things are noticeable unless you are really scrutinising, though.
Final negative – and this is nothing new – the bloody buttonbands gave me the usual runaround.

I wasn’t able to get the holes stitched professionally in the end as I had already knit holes into the fabric, which sucked. Apparently you knit the bands without holes and then they machine stitch them in and cut them open. Will try it one day.

So to make a long story excruciatingly longer,  I had to do them by hand. Cursing most the way. They are ok, but my hand stitching truly leaves something to be desired. AND I balls-ed up the other side (too embarrassed to show you) so had to cut the ribbon between already stitched buttonholes and make them shorter. It was hateful. (I still want to open a can of whoop-ass on them.)
Positives – Love the way it fits, those graphic CHEVRONS (heh), the i-cord edging I did on the buttonband…and…I finally got to use my favourite ceramic buttons, which I made months ago and have been hoarding for the right project:
Another positive – I think I am becoming slightly less stressed when things don’t work out, and a bit calmer about frogging. That is a huge plus…as I have to do it so much. Finally starting to accept it as a normal part of my process (!).

So there she is. Thanks for all the support and advice on this one girls!


10 thoughts on “MY Picard version

  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad it turned out so nicely for you, and you didn’t listen to me when I told you to scrap the whole thing. Looks fantastic with that mustard dress too!

    • Thanks so much, everyone – and for your support during this thing! I thought I would actually make an effort and style it up for a change instead of throwing it over my home(slob) wear.

      That dress is one of those crazy cheap purchases that I made on impulse when I needed a pick me up (£15 at H&M!) and I absolutely love it. Proper full skirt and 50s silhouette. I wear it to DEATH!

      Glad I now have something new to wear with it and make it look a bit different. Hah!

  2. Whee, it’s amazing! I love it with that gorgeous dress, and the colour combo is smashing! All the details you’ve put in have really paid off. 😀

  3. It’s lovely! I think it turned out beautifully, and the buttons are just perfect with the yarn and pattern. I always notice all the little things I wish had turned out better when I finish a sweater, but I’m sure no one else ever does! : )

    • Thank you for this encouragement! Needed that last sentence right now, as I have actually been working myself up to re-do part of it- ONE LAST TIME- and get it totally right once and for all! Need to drop that neckline which means re-doing the buttonbands. Sigh.

      It WILL be day. 😉

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