Just one more…

Like many people at this time of year I am feeling a little seasonally confused on the knitting front. My head tells me I should be starting on spring/summer wear but my body tells me I am freezing and have 6 hanks of John Arbon organic merino aran calling to me from the stash!

I hedged bets by starting my Sakura (aka Amimono’s ‘Robin’) a few weeks ago, but figured I would see if I could squeeze one more in before things start to warm up.

After nearly 2 weeks of plotting I decided to go easy on myself and go for a pattern, and one that has glowing reviews on how well written it is, to boot – the gorgeous Dragonflies Jumper by Joji Locatelli. Here is Isa’s perfect version below (God that girl can KNIT!):

There have been a few mods on the pattern thus far. Another prolific knitter, Momo– better known by her Raverly alias Jettshin- made it into a set-in sleeve 50’s styled number that is stunning (not least in her use of this amazingly saturated but still subtly tone on tone Madelinetosh colourway):

I told myself that this next project would be one in which I would try either top-down inset or saddle sleeves, but since I am planning other mods on top of the lace (which still makes me nervous) I wonder if I should risk another mindfuck project when I need to get this done asap! (chickenshit that I am!).

Those of you out there that have top-down in either before – is it really that much more complicated than top-down raglan?  Having troubles visualising, as I have only down top down a couple times now, so it is still new.

I am most worried about the short rows causing me a world of pain, as the last pattern gave me a brain rash in that department. (!)

There won’t be any lace on the sleeves, just reverse stockinette, but I am trying to figure out how to do the back and front neckline the same ‘depth’, or close, so that it can be reversible.

The dragonfly stitch is very stretchy and pulls the fabric in, so can’t do that front and back as I don’t want it fitted – so planning to do a chunky textured but unstretchy Cartridge Rib on the back to make it more boxy, and then give it a back zip. That way I can wear it as a pullover occasionally but also flip it around and wear as a cardi with a lace back (cardi’s are always my go to sweater).

Thing I want to know is – what happens if you forgo the short row shaping in top down? Does this make the neckline squared off, or do you just end up with front and back the same height (so you need to make sure to get it low enough so the front doesn’t choke you). That is what I am hoping for.

Am I making any sense, oh knitting gurus? Can anyone answer that one?

Help my last two little brain cells clap…


2 thoughts on “Just one more…

  1. I was just asking myself the other day why I haven’t cast on for Dragonflies yet. I love Isa K’s version.

    When you do top-down with no neck shaping, it is a little squarish, depending on how many stitches you have in your sleeve tops. And yes, the front and back are equally high, so it needs to be wide to not be terribly awkward.

    I haven’t done a set-in sleeve, so can’t speak to that.

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