With a whimper, Wool Week begins

I always find it very strange that Campaign for Wool‘s Wool Week in the UK quietly sneaks up on you and if you aren’t very careful (or lucky, in my case) –  PAST.

I was lucky enough this year to have a colleague from my work knitting group circulate a
pdf of events for sessions starting today and running until March 24th in Wool House  at Sommerset House, where a wing of the historic building has been transformed by various designers and installations.

I had expected all the workshops to be booked as they are free and run by well known people like Debbie Bliss …but no! I have been booked into all 3 sessions requested – absolutely unheard of in London 3 days before an event! I guess no one else has heard of this either!
image Eric Musgrave

It is bizarre. Even knowing the event is happening I can barely find any images or info for the event … even though trendy, high profile designers like Donna Wilson are doing wool installations in Sommerset House – which you THINK would make for excellent publicity.  There is hardly anything on the official website or the Sommerset House website. WEIRD. (After a bit of random searching I finally found the image above on Eric Musgrave’s personal blog, who I think might be part of one of the installations?)

It looks like they have really gone all out to showcase wool and have splashed out tons of cash to set this up and provide a schedule of interesting-looking, FREE workshops…

…now they just need to get a publicist or marketing person in on the gig so people actually hear about it!

If you are in London this weekend and have some free time, check it out. If the people involved are any indication it looks like it will be fantastic!


 I have just signed up to Bloglovin as Google Reader is phasing out so you can also follow me there!

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