Brilliantly tasseled

Oh! How perfect (and simple) an idea is this? Red tassels crocheted onto a simple shell:

by Suvi Ainoa

Now it is meant for children…

But you can see how awesome it would look on an adult, no? As a layering piece or for summer.

The tassels make me think of  paired down traditional Tibetan jewellery and clothing. That beaded/tasseled ‘Genghis Khan’ chic that is creeping in lately (is that un-PC? Loosing perspective the longer I live in the UK!)

Want. Will make. Sooooon…ish…

4 thoughts on “Brilliantly tasseled

  1. In red, all I can see is streaming blood, lol. But in other colours I can see it working for adults. It reminds me of those bib necklaces with tassels. 🙂

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