Decided it was too cold for my normal hat, so needed another, warmer one.

This is a modified Super Easy Fall Hat by MUITA IHANIA.

I’ve made a chart and flipped the scallops so they are facing downward – a bit hard to see as my yarns aren’t that contrasting.  I’ve also modified the depth of the hat, the decreases and added a thick folded ribbed band to keep my poor little freezing ears warm.
I am slowly but surely getting better with colourwork. This is my most even attempt so far, though I am still struggling a bit with holding my yarn and anchoring floats.

I finished the pom pom this morning before heading out and am in absolute love with it. I have been squeezing it all day!

It is the biggest I have ever made and satisfyingly pluffy and soft as it is out of a tiny left over bit of Natural Dye Studio Angel 70% Baby Alpaca/20% Silk/10% Cashmere from a scarf I made for my mother. It is gorgeously soft stuff. Look at that big boy!

(I made it even fluffier by combing out the plys.)

I wore it all day and finally have a hat that keeps my entire head warm. Almost TOO warm! Success.


12 thoughts on “Pom!

    • Is it sad that I think I am more thrilled with it than my dragonfly jumper??? I am such a child. That pom pom thrills me to no end! ;-D

      Cute photos of your hubby, by the by. Love the face masking! hah!

    • Thank you! I just measured and it is about 10 inches around. I also measured my cardboard ‘template’ and the circle diameter is a little over 5 inches. Which is interesting…wish I remembered geometry! Looks like the circumference is twice the diameter…The little extra would have been trimmed off to make it rounder, I guess. Hmm. Good thing to note for future poms!

        • I just did it old-school…cut 2 cardboard circles with a cut out on one side and hole in middle and wound around that…etc etc. You have to be a little careful when cutting and tying, but otherwise works perfectly and my pom pom was actually very symmetrical even before I trimmed!

  1. I love this hat, it’s a great color-combo and I really do want to squish that poufy pom! I hadn’t thought about combing out the plys to make it fluffier. I’ll try that next time I make one.

    • Thank you! To be honest I started it for a gift and couldn’t part with it!! How horribly selfish is that???? ;-?

      I recently saw an alpaca ‘fur’ pom pom that I loved, and was trying to get a similar effect of poofness! Also it looked a little stringy in this yarn, so needs must!

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