Behind the scenes

So we didn’t get much more light, but I wanted to take some photos of this on for my Dragon-fly project page so just got on with it. Apologies for the slight graininess of the photos. Still dealing with low light London winter conditions!

dragonflies jumper
stockinette seam – I added 10 stitches under the arm for a bit more boxiness in the body.
And just so you all don’t think I am taking this too seriously – here is a full body shot so you can see what I am actually wearing. Fashion plate that I am. hah! 
(like the slippers and hat combo? That’s right, ALL class, baby.)  ;-D

9 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

    • Thanks ladies! In my (slight) defence, I had just gotten in from work and wanted to shoot the pics before the light faded even more! The skirt is a cute one with a little shirred inset on the derriere. Super warm, though as it is made out of some kind of wool blend. Hot+confined pencil skirt means I don’t really wear it much for fear of starting fires with my thighs.


      And no, Kristin…I haven’t really been showing my face online. I have had a bit of a phobia of it, but threw caution to the winds on that one. You guys had to see the hat or it just wouldn’t have had the same effect!! heh.

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