Frog free zone

She’s done. Another simple, pleasurable knit! I hadn’t realised how much time I was wasting on figuring out obscure details on ‘less clearly written patterns’ (shall we say?). Wow. Just over two weeks for this one as well, and I didn’t rush this time. What a difference well written instructions make! No frogging AT ALL.

I even took the time to add a few details that took ages (or felt like they did at the time!), like the tubular cast on and cast off I mentioned previously. What a lovely fat edge. It really is worth the time!
tubular cast off
Though my kitchener stitch needs a bit of work for the cast off. You can see below it isn’t perfect. I got a bit of a weird roll in places, I think because my tension is screwy! (If anyone does know the actual reason, I’d love to hear it.)
Luckily it isn’t noticeable on when worn, so all is fine. As my partner said – it just makes it more original (ahem).

I also chilled out for a change and took my time sewing on the ribbon and reinforcing the buttonholes. I think this is the first time I didn’t rush it, annoyed with the process! What a change it made to the result. Much more even and …well, nice!
And the buttons really are a perfect fit. Yay!
buttons finished
I might be starting to say this at the end of every FO, but I think this might be my favourite cardi yet. The only wrinkle is that the yarn is a bit itchy. Little prickly bits against bare skin. I am hoping that little by  little I will get desensitised to this yarn as well, and can then move to the next level in ‘real wool’! I’ll get my ‘big girl panties’ yet!

But…ain’t she purty? (the jumper, of course!!)
And a glam shot for my little princess:
(Dont worry, the manic ardour only lasts a few days!)

ps. I forgot to mention those shoulder cap modifications. As you can see from the shots above, the wider caps were successful – no ‘shrugging’ on the seam at all. (though the buttoned photo looks a little lumpy – but it was the shirt underneath, not the jumper! The seams sit smoothly above the shoulder).


15 thoughts on “Frog free zone

  1. I love a good tubular cast on! It has such a nice squishy feel to it. I agree with above comment, your photos are really nice!
    …..Oh and so is the cardi! Well done!!

  2. This turned out so beautifully! You might find it softens up over time as you wash it, so between that and your skin getting used to it, you should desensitize in no time 🙂

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