Silver bells

I have been a bit manic with projects and planning lately but couldn’t resist casting on for my Nightingale Vest (by Helga Isager) as it is the perfect weather for it right now – getting warmer but still pretty chill in the shade. A warm little vest would be perfect for throwing over a little dress! This is another pattern from The Bird Collection book.

I decided to start working through my stash which has been growing in leaps and bound as I test yarn bases for dyeing (it is a little frightening. But in a good way!). I decided to use the warm beige Phildar Preface (70 Wool/30 Nylon) I picked up on clearance in France last summer and am pairing it with some Alpaca 2ply lace that I dyed a lovely light cool silver (right);
By itself the Preface isn’t the nicest feeling yarn with all that nylon (very strong for socks, though!), but amazingly, when you add a strand of alpaca to it the resulting fabric is a beautiful silky/spongy  one with good body. As you can see below, the stitch definition is divine!
twisted stitch
It is really interesting how the two different coloured yarns work together for the bell stitch in the pattern. The way I have done the cast on for the bell stitches creates a silver stripe along the base of the bells.
I did end up charting the stitch pattern, just to see it visually, but it is very simple and common sense when you have run through it once.Very clever, this stitch. I love how sculptural the fabric is. So amazing and fun to knit.

Be forewarned, though, the pattern itself has a number of glitches – stitch miscounts and some omissions in the instructions, so you do have to keep your wits about you. I have read from the other projects that the arm hole decreases are funny as well, so am hoping it isn’t too bad!
But did I mention, pretty? Look at those little nubbies! So cute.


6 thoughts on “Silver bells

  1. Oh, that is gorgeous! I love how the yarns combine to make those bells looks so sculptural and delicate. I can’t wait to see this finished.

    • I will make an effort to take some more ‘in progress’ shots,then, as it is actually going quite quickly!

      That said, I am approaching the ‘free fall’ segment where I am going to muddle through my own interpretation of the neck and arm hole shaping so anticipate things slowing down a bit as I try and work it out. Hopefully it won’t be too bad! I will blog it through in case you are interested in taking this one on yourself, Karen. Would think it would be a breeze for you, though!

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