Silver bells part II

After nearly 4 hours spent on a train Saturday merely travelling to and from Leytonstone in East London to Croydon in South London my little vest has grown and is now halfway to the armhole!
I have decided to make my Nightingale Vest one bell shorter and start the neckline V a bell later as per Strikkemus’ suggestions in her project notes (I agree that the proportions will be a bit cuter that way and that the neck looks a bit long as is).

This is the plan:
Starting the neck and arm decreases at the same time on row 8. I’d considered adding a bit of light waist shaping, but then realised I had already reached the waist at that point and it was too late. Hey ho.

Three glitches thus far, though live-able. Firstly, I got so engrossed in getting everything set up that I missed the first buttonhole, so have decided snaps it is! Second, I misread the set up instructions and added a crossed stitch right next to the last bell in the front panel so have this now:
Luckily it just makes the bell on that side roll a bit more prominently which then hides the extra crossed row, so it is ok. Phew.

The other glitch is a little less ok. I somehow threw in a K2tog instead of an SSK in the row leading to the next bell…in the very first row!! And didn’t realise until I was a few bells up. 😦
Peh. I am hoping to do a bit of duplicate stitch magic at the end and hope it works!


3 thoughts on “Silver bells part II

  1. For the last mistake you show, I studied it carefully, and couldn’t spot it at all! Actually, I did something similar on my latest project and got all obsessed about it (doing s1k2togpsso instead of k3tog) and I did the same mistake 3 times before I noticed it. Anyway, my husband couldn’t spot it either, and when I painstakingly pointed it out to him, he said “not one in a BILLION people would spot that”. lol. Put it in perspective. But yeah, for my own satisfaction I did some dodgy duplicate stitch and it looks fine 🙂 This is looking great, keep going! 🙂

    • That makes me feel better. My partner said he couldn’t see it either…but…


      Thanks Jo. Unfortunately those sweet little bells seem to have done my wrists in, so am cut off from knitting until they heal. Peh. Wrists. Who needs em?

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