Silver bells part III

Things are going slowly and somewhat painfully on both the sewing and knit fronts. I am still working on the fitting for my Sorbetto.


Though I think I may have finally cracked the right shaping for the centre back this morning. Fingers crossed this is the last tweak! The sewing is exhausting!

On the knit front, I have finally gotten one side of my Nightingale Vest front finished this weekend.
neck back

I have pretty well had to fudge the neckline and now have to immediately do the other side before I forget what I have done for the simultaneous arm and neck decreases! This is only my second time doing a v-neck, so feeling pretty nervous about it.

Think it looks about right, though I worry that I am missing something and won’t realise until I go to join front and back. I also noticed that the pattern doesn’t do any shaping for the back of the neck, which makes me a little paranoid. Shouldn’t there be short rows to shape the round at the back?

Hmmm. What do you guys think? Have you done any vests that were straight across the back neck?

I am champing at the bit to start a few more projects and have been planning and dyeing new yarn for the day I can cast on.

Oh. And frogging. This is what is left of my Schnabu.
habu n_80

I am stubbornly determined to find the perfect pattern for this yarn and think (hope) Organic by Ankestrick will be the one. Maybe next weekend I will get to find out…


2 thoughts on “Silver bells part III

  1. I can’t believe you frogged your Schnabu!! I could never bring myself to. And hey, about your top. I’m currently working on a top that has taken SEVERAL nighmareish rounds of fitting (because I don’t know what I’m doing, lol). Fitting one’s back seems to be rather hellish. lol. I gotta move on soon or I’ll go nuts 🙂 (oh and I’m still not happy with the fit.) So feel better, you’ve spent less time on it than me!
    Your vest is looking great!! 🙂

    • I just couldn’t take it anymore. It looked like shit and that yarn was so expensive…!

      Fitting is bizarrely hard! Though I suspect it might be easier if I could see what I was doing. I HAVE to make a dressform soon!!!

      Thanks re the vest. I am almost…allllmost done! yipee!

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