Silver bells – part IV…otherwise known as oooph.

Oooph is the sound I made when after 3+ hours of trying to kitchener stich a mere inch of 1×1 rib I discovered after a steam block that the back of my vest is too wide/ugly! Like a kick in the guts.  ;-?

Lets backtrack a little and highlight the positive. I am nearly there and the neck didn’t cause me too much grief – though I did re-do the top of one side 3 times to get it down to a 3 bell finish. Overall the front neckline passes muster.

Now the negative. The back of the neck is too wide or something, likely as my back  seams to be narrower than my front. I believe the problem stems from my absolutely brilliant idea to try and add a bit of shaping on to the back. What a mistake. (what a knob)

Look at the top of the vest below. See anything funny?
vest v1
May I present exhibit one, oh jury of the court?

exhibit 1


Note the way the bastard seam curls over to the front? Oh, and if you look closely above, note how the back neck looks a little wavy, like it might be a titch too wide? Yeah. Great. Let the oophing commence.

And below is the horrific kitchener seam at the back of the neck which took so much pain and suffering.kitchener
You may be saying ‘it doesn’t look too bad, what is she going on about?’. This is because I also went over bits and duplicate stitched to fake it so that it would look better. All of which I now have to laboriously unpick. Grr. Hisss.

I am tempted to throw in the towel on today as I just don’t feel I can stand any more disappointment, though feel that maybe I should switch to sewing and tackle the bias tape I have been avoiding. (It appears that though I love the look of bias binding, I hate the process!)
Above is its current state.

I think it best to leave it for the day though.



8 thoughts on “Silver bells – part IV…otherwise known as oooph.

  1. Ah, you’re having one of those craft moments… I know what it is to have to rip out stitches after weaving in ends (a less tricky version of what you’re about to do). Yuck. And why is that, when things are a freakin’ mess, I can NEVER walk away. You know, once you do, it’s all ok. After a few minutes, some perspective returns. Sure, it’s not fun to be in that liminal craft space (corrections more in your head than on the work), but it’s ok. But I’m that person who will not drag herself away until it’s a bad scene. Really bad.

    • Hah! Definitely sounds like you have it worse than I do for the stubbornness!! I did manage to force myself away for a few hours today, and frankly it wasn’t as bad as I expected when I frogged back. I managed to get most of it back together tonight (though mind you it is nearly 1 am and I am just finishing now, so maybe I shouldn’t be patting myself on the back TOO hard. heh).

      Why do we do this to ourselves, Kristin? Why?? he he he…

  2. So that, when people say: I love your sweater, you can respond with: Thanks, I made it! (And then it’s fun to watch the amazement…)

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