Soggy recap

I have been wearing the hell out of my Dragonflies jumper since finishing it in March. This thing really has been worth its weight in gold as the weather has been freezing in the UK and it has been keeping me warm nearly daily.

We had an unusually bright day on Monday so I managed to get it photographed after giving it a good shave to make it look fresh again.
dragonflies_jumper_Kettle_Yarn_ Co
Unfortunately the weather turned back to cold and wet the next day so I haven’t been able to get some decent photos of my Silver Bells, which now is completely finished with shell buttons. The best I could do was this low light blurred mess below!

Let’s all pretend it is a ‘romantic shot’, k?  😉


4 thoughts on “Soggy recap

    • Thanks Lori! 😉

      The kinky wool is just the frogged bits I was using to get the buttons on. There is actually a bit of alpaca left and I might have a ball of the Phildar left over. I need to check and weigh everything to see how much it used.

      I am going to wear it in public for the first time today. The great unveiling! heh.

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