Squirrelling away…

I have been blogging a bit less than usual lately as I have been very busy trying to get everything set up and ready for the new business venture!

I finally decided on a name a few weeks ago – after a LOT of too-ing and fro-ing – and have finished a logo…but still need to work on yarn base sourcing and  testing/branding/packaging/social networking/website/payment system….

Well, you get the idea! There is quite a bit left to organise and set up before I am ready to go live with my baby project.

In the meantime, here is a tiny peek of why all of this will be worth the work – yarn, glorious yarn!

Here are two of the bases I have decided to stock. A gorgeous Bluefaced Leicester Superwash, which is so silky, luminous and soft that it is hard to believe it doesn’t contain silk!
And a BFL/Alpaca blend that is gentle and delicate in appearance and handle but actually held up amazingly to my brutal abrasion testing! Not such a fragile flower at all!
Hopefully a daily fondle of these lovelies will get me through the less joyous bits of the set up process and I will soon be through to the other side where I can just focus on the smell of sheepy goodness and COLOUR! I can’t wait!


13 thoughts on “Squirrelling away…

    • Thank you Kristin! It has been a lot of work, but I feel like I am in the endgame now for getting things up and at least running (if not perfect!). It probably wouldn’t be nearly so bad if I wasn’t such a perfectionist and wasn’t being as particular about the yarns I choose…but I want to make sure they are 100% RIGHT, you know? High quality all the way.

      Soon I will get to the fun part…I hope! 😉

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