Build me up, buttercup

Do you ever start doing something that is silly but continue on out of sheer stubbornness, even though you know you are being a knob?

Some time ago I discovered how to knit tubes two at a time and ever since then have been knitting my sleeves this way…sliding both on to one needle shortly after starting the sleeves, as below on my version of Buttercup, a free pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier:
Knit up in the Superwash BFL light fingering I have dyed, it is making for a surprisingly quick project, considering the gauge, as it has only been a couple weeks and I am nearly done.

That said, it would have been finished already if I wasn’t dealing with this:
Stubbornly deciding I had to knit the sleeves together from my last wound ball, I was too lazy to wind off half and make it easy on myself and decided I would knit from the center of the ball and the outside at the same time. What could go wrong? Ahem.

In my defence, I have  done this before successfully with a little fussing, sometimes using a ziploc bag for ‘travel knitting’ to separate the two strands and keep the outside loop spooling from the free side. However, this time I have run into one of those annoying loops from the centre pull that is gumming things up on a regular basis, requiring me to constantly stop and untangle. You’d think this would make me finally stop and wind off a separate ball…

Well, no.

I am driving myself slowly insane with this and begruding every second of it. Hah!!
Talk about ridiculous.


6 thoughts on “Build me up, buttercup

    • I don’t know, really!! he he he. ;-B
      Anyway, I am so close to finishing the arm ribbing now that there is really no point. Though I might have to frog and lengthen the sleeves to 3/4. I don’t know why I keep trying to convince myself that I can do elbow length! Eeesh. for all of it.

  1. I would TOTALLY annoy myself by doing this. On one of my knitted projects I had about 3 balls attached at once at different places, which I refused to cut because I am so stubborn. It was a total pain. lol!
    Your dyed yarn looks so lovely! 😀 I just bought some superwash yarn and I’m scared of it becuase I’ve heard it stretches out and grows, lol. Do you have much experience with it? 🙂

    • Oh good. I was a little worried there it was only me. ;-D

      I have a bit of experience and can’t say I have had troubles with stretching…but then I do wash my swatches the way I would my knitwear so know what to expect (though recently threw a swatch in with the washing to see what it would do… answer was nothing! heh). That said, I have never seen anything go really wonky after washing. Maybe I have been lucky in the bases I am using?

      I am testing the hell out of the bases I am planning on using so will let you know what happens with the next batch I am testing from a new mill.

      I was a little surprised, though pleasantly, to find out that superwash does spit splice…even though it doesn’t felt. Isn’t that weird? (this is the yarn that I threw in the washing machine to test, as I just couldn’t believe it was superwash and would spit splice…joyous weirdness!).

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