Meteorology – its a hard knock life

London’s weather is still doing the crazy dance. Saturday kicked off with sunshine and warmth in the morning, so I dyed up some yarn, took it outside to the clothesline and plopped myself out in the sun lounger for a bit of sunshine knitting on my Buttercup.
After about 30 mins of blissful basking in an attempt to replenish dismally low vitamin D levels, ‘Simpsons’-worthy clouds started chewing into the blue sky and stealing my warmth, so I went back inside. Another 20 mins saw those cotton candy clouds bursting open to a chilly downpour, soaking all and sundry, particularly the sun lounger.

Now you’d think this would be the end of the flip-flopping for the day and that the weather would piss off and stop playing games. Nope. By 5pm the sun was peeking back around the clouds and blue skys started appearing.

Gotta love London. The weather people have it tough around here.
richbell skyline

4 thoughts on “Meteorology – its a hard knock life

  1. Our weather has been HORRENDOUS – it’s mid june and I’m still in jeans, shoes and socks and sweaters. And rain all the fucking time. So I can relate!

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