Project Parade – vol. 7

I just realised it has been ages since I have done one of these! Here are a few things that have hit my Pinterest boards over the last week or so. The first two are from my LYS, Loop, as I have been spending so much time lurking in the store lately with  weekly knit nights!

I’ve been lucky enough to paw samples with my sweaty little trotters in person, and even tried on the new Honeyblossom sample on Thurs. I have to say, is even cuter in person, and the squishy cable yoke is truly lovely up close.
Honeyblossom by Yoko Hatta

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 09.43.29
Pop Spots by Juju Vail

This next on carries on with my ‘Spanish theme‘, but will have to wait until I get the tension on my fair isle technique sorted out!

Arrowhead Cardigan by Anna Cohen

And lastly, with a rather Japanese wave-like pattern:

Song of the Sea by Louise Zass-Bangham

I have been queuing patterns like a madwoman, and am realising that there is no way IN HELL I will be able to knit even a fraction of these before I die! That’s normal, right?


14 thoughts on “Project Parade – vol. 7

  1. yes it is :0) I have enjoyed Pinterest, but I had to shut my boards down…too much ‘want’ overload 🙂 m.

  2. Oh. Well. There was only one thing to do IMMEDIATELY this morning: buy the Song of the Sea pattern. And start it this morning (to add to my already lovely pile of WIPs) with some lovely handpainted sock yarn. Thank you so much!

  3. oh! i just can’t get over your local yarn store is loop! and you tried on the honeyblossom! i queud that one straight off as well as popspots (juju vail’s book is one of my favorites, and yet i’ve still never made anything from it!) i even ordered it from loop, before it was out here in the states!

    thank you for sharing the arrowhead cardigan, i LOVE it. i saw it takes worsted, not sure how much i’d like that knit up in fair isle, it will be one heavy coat!

    and the song of the sea, it does look japanese, it is really gorgeous.

    i also will be knitting and queuing and gathering wool like there is no tomorrow!

    • Glad you like it Lori! Hmmm…I hadn’t taken too close of a look as I still need much practice on my colourwork before I can even consider it. Yeah, that would be quite thick, wouldn’t it? It would make a good sweater coat for autumn, but I am not sure if my hands could take that weight with all the fairisle fiddling! Might kill the wrists.

      I can’t wait to see what you cast on for fall!

  4. My turn to drop by your lovely blog now! Lovely to see both Honeyblossom and Juju’s amazing Pop Spots featured here, both of which were an absolute pleasure for me to work on. I’ve now fallen in love with the Arrowhead Cardigan and may have to pop into Loop tomorrow to look for a suitable yarn. Thank you again!

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