I get it now…why everyone knits socks. Quick, satisfying, a small canvas for trying new stitches and techniques – how much better can it get?

I have really taken to them lately as it is a quick way for me to try out the yarn bases I am considering carrying in the shop. I learned pretty quickly on my Buttercup and the first pair of socks that a yarn may swatch up nicely and pass my (vigorous) wear tests but might be completely irritating or downright unpleasant to work with – or in the case of the socks, look a little too ‘squeakily’ synthetic when knit up (a Merino/Tencel sock blend I was considering which dyed BEAUTIFULLY and would make lovely shawls, but just isn’t quite right in solid fabric).

So, adding to the lead time in getting the shop up and running, I am now knitting up all the yarn bases that pass my initial wear tests to make sure they are as nice to knit up as they look when dyed. What a process! It is taking ages. But better thorough than rushed, right?

I was going to post some photos of the socks but think I will wait until the ‘great unveil’ with the new yarn lines I am planning. Need to build a little suspense for the big day, right? 😉

I will leave you with the leaning tower of yarn I have had on my sofa arm for the last few weeks. I get a pathetic amount of pleasure looking at it on a daily basis, so am not putting it away just yet…

Oh, and the title. I actually said this when I finished my first pair of socks and put them on to model for ‘Mr.Purl’.

I truly am a yarn nerd.


6 thoughts on “Sock-le-doodle-doo!

  1. Sock yarn should come with a warning: HIGHLY addictive. So easy to snag and stash, so many colors, so easy to knit up . The feel of it sliding through my fingers… ACHHHHH!!!!

  2. Socks are so great. I love that they let me go crazy with a texture or colour or pattern that I wouldn’t wear “publicly” but still enjoy. They are addicting though – watch out! 😉

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