If you can’t beat the heat…

…you can at least take yarn photos in the gorgeous light!
I spent quite a bit of time Friday that I’d earmarked for dye testing taking photos, as I just couldn’t bear the thought of hot steam on a scorching summer day.

It was the first time I’d gathered a large number of tests skeins together in one place and I yarn-geeked out a bit by walking around the house hugging my yarn for a little longer than comfortable in the heat!

The upside was an impromtu photoshoot in the alley next to the house that yielded some beautiful shots I will use for branding, so a pretty successful day in the end!

And of course a little yarn hugging always makes for a happy me.  😉


4 thoughts on “If you can’t beat the heat…

    • Yeah…I did my best to try and motivate myself, but I just didn’t get there! It was too hot.Have to say I am glad the temperature has dropped a bit, especially at night. Was getting a bit feral there without sleep!

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